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Definition and Biography


The name “Habeys” defines in English as Awesome.

Originally formed as a Boduberu band comprising of close group of friends. Habeys Boduberu was formed on 07th August 2011 in Male’, Maldives. What started out as a hobby for the seven members have grown into a band of 27 members and have now become the most popular bands of the genre with the largest fan base in Maldives. This is due to the hard work and diligence of all of our members which also accounts for our numerous skills and achievements.

Although we mainly use the traditional Maldivian style of Boduberu songs, the heavy influence of special cultural acts in our songs make us unique from the established and up coming bands in Maldives.

Initially the band used to perform at different events using different Traditional Maldivian dances, songs & other cultural activities. And with each event, our popularity continued to soar at an astonishing pace.

In addition to the member’s genius for music & entertainment, we also had a vision and sound business knowledge to create and develop Habeys into a brand synonymous with the most unique music & entertainment brand in Maldives. To this end, we first launched the Habeys website in 2012. This is the first website in Maldives launched by Boduberu artists. The launching of our website opened up a world of opportunities for the band and our members in terms of international exposure. It lead to us getting the opportunity to represent Maldives and perform at the World Music Day Festival in 2012 and 2013. This is one of our greatest accomplishments and proved to be the stepping stone to an even more successful future.



Read about some of our performances


Habeys is the only music band who performed at 56+ performances at 30+ different Islands through out Maldives. And also we have performed at multiple countries such as Egypt , Singapore , Malaysia & SriLanka.

In Egypt Tour we have performed at

– 21st Sep 2016 Cultural Road Show at Cairo (Egypt)

– 22nd Sep 2016 Chanting Peformance at Sultan Qansuwa al-Ghuri

– 23rd Sep 2016 International Sama Festival , Opera House (Cairo Yard Lhnajr)

– 24th Sep 2016 Chanting performance at Talhat Harb (Cairo)

In SriLanka we have performed at SATA (South Asian Travel Awards) Ceremony World Wide on 15th and 16th of November 2016.

In Singapore we have performed at Suntec City on 24th February 2017

– 24th February 2017: Habeys Boduberu (Drum Performance) / Habeys Boduberu feat. DJ Ali / Gravity by Habeys feat. Thola.

– 25th February 2017: Habeys Boduberu (Drum Performance) / Gravity by Habeys feat. Ritte.

– 26th February 2017: Habeys Boduberu (Drum Performance) / Gravity by Habeys feat. Muazzin.

In Malaysia we have performed at a Maldivian gathering event.

– 28th February 2017 at KL – Kuala lumpur Malaysia.

Our Second performance in Malaysia. We have performed on “Promoting the colors and tastes of Maldives”.
On the occasion of independence day of the republic of Maldives.

– 28th July 2017 at JW Marriot | KL – Kuala lumpur Malaysia.

Our Second performance in SriLanka. We have performed at EID celebrations organized by the embassy of the Republic of Maldives  on 30th August and 1st of September 2017.


About Development


Continuing with our development plan, We created our own studio in 2013. Habeys Studio started out as home of the Maldivian Long Drums leading acts Habeys , branched out as a full serviced studio equipped latest cutting edge technology. In short time it has become leading local artist preferred studio for their projects. Our diverse, versatile highly talented and trained team has been major driver of our success.

Following it was the launch of our first audio album Jinni which is an original Habeys production and was also recorded at our own studio.

Our first album Jinni was an instant hit with the fans and was also the first Boduberu album in Maldives to be released internationally. It was widely recognized as a 100% original Maldivian production which is a rare occurrence. It is available at iTunes store and different international and local music stores.

Second album Zamaan released on 28th May 2017. This album is the first of its kind, from our series of Nasheed albums, which we will be releasing every year specially for ramadan, Which is to be distributed to everyone as a gift from us Habeys, and the very first of its type of Full HD video Nasheed album ever to be released In Maldives. We, The Habeys studio, holds the 100% copyrights to all the melodies and its lyrics in this album. Album includes 7 different Nasheeds containing High Definition audio and Video. All contents are distributed among the country. All contents are available for unlimited downloads internationally in our website, SoundCloud and Youtube.

The next step forward for Habeys brand was the launch of our very own pop band “ Habeys Pop” in 2014. Now the pop band was re branded as “Levitation By Habeys“. The aim of this band is to uphold the Maldivian tradition without losing our traditional values, rites and rituals. We continue to learn and practice the many traditional activities of our ancestors which has somehow become lost over the years and will continue to maintain our identity as an original Maldivian band. Started continuing with Thola as Vocals, Indi and Javaa on guitars , Marey on Bass and Sinoo on drums.

And our 3rd Band Gravity By Habeys formed in 2016 under Habeys Boduberu, Gravity is a Maldivian rock/metal band comprising of multi talented and experienced musicians, highly reputed of the current music scene. Leading the frontline is Muazzin while on guitars are Shahyd legacy and Reeburi. On bass Jessy and Hamdh on drums. The lineup came together as good friends who performed with each other previously at various gigs but never together.
With major inspirations deriving from the rock and metal genre, Gravity aims to introduce a new era of Maldivian rock. With a progressive style and sound Gravity brings to the table a unique take on Maldivian art and music. As the name implies, Gravity is surely a force like nothing else.

Our 4th Band Habeys Fusion was formed on 22nd February 2017. Including two top contestants from Maldivian Idol Season 2. Top 16 Ahmed Sayyah and Top 5 Ibrahim Waheed (Bodube) as lead vocals and Haito , Rizmee on Guitar and Javaa on Drums.


On 26th June 2017, our very own public event Habeys Eid Show was launched. And we have released our very own 5 more albums together. “Gilgamesh” , “Redhan” , “Kanbulo” , “Rankolhaa” and “Gateways“. Its the first time in Maldivian history to release 5 music albums together from a band. And Habeys became the first music band to own 7 albums.

Our largest step was to launch our own mobile application to enhance our music sharing through technology. And to launch the largest music website with upgraded mobile support and so many features. Our mobile app “Habeys” is the one and only music app from a Maldivian Music Band. It includes all information about us and so many fans interactive interfaces such as direct listening and downloading.
Our event “Habeys Eid Show” became one of the largest event.

Aiding our continuing increase in popularity were the local news channels, newspapers in which we were appearing with frequency. And now we became the largest Music Brand among all bands from Maldives with National Airline MALDIVIAN as our Travel Partner, REDBULL as our official energy drink, PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA(PSM) / MEDIANET & Most trusted news source of Maldives MIHAARU as our Media Partner, and the largest international mobile network OOREDOO as our Main Sponsor with their Brand Ambassadorship, MALDIVE GAS as our Co-sponsor, one of the leading restaurant OREGANO as our food partner, REEFSIDE / ELL MOBILE/ MxPRINT / IBAN/ MOBIHOME as support providers and EVE / HIGHWAY as our garment partners.

Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  1. Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  2. Lunar // Gateways
  3. Stardust // Gateways
  4. Warriors Dawn // Gateways
  5. Duels of Fate // Gateways
  6. Event Horizon // Gateways
  7. The Imitation Game // Gateways