Leykokaa HD – Official Music Video

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The first music video of Muazzin. A Mamdooh Cinematography, A video and audio production of Habeys Studio. Introducing Aff. Audio engineering by Sinad. Audio composed by Muazzin. Lyrics by Thola and Muazzin. VFX Mamdooh and Majdy. A crew including Aaid , Ayaaz and Rizmee. Camera and Direction of Mamdooh. Sinad, Shahyd , Ryhan , Jessy and Bissy as Band.

Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  1. Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  2. Lunar // Gateways
  3. Stardust // Gateways
  4. Warriors Dawn // Gateways
  5. Duels of Fate // Gateways
  6. Event Horizon // Gateways
  7. The Imitation Game // Gateways