Established in 2003, Studio started out as home of the Maldivian Long Drums leading acts Habeys , branched out as a full serviced studio equipped latest cutting edge technology. In short time it has become leading local artist preferred studio for their projects. Our diverse, versatile highly talented and trained team has been major driver of our success. We approach each project with fierce dedication and a sense of adventure We are are committed to provide you nothing but best, ensure you get the ideal music score, sound design, and standard/high definition audio mixes and output for media project. And also read more about Habeys: Group of friends formed Habeys Boduberu Group on 7th Auguest 2011, and now it’s one of the most famous, young and talented boduberu group in the country. We prepared lots of new creations with boduberu. Boduberu evolved among the common citizens as an alternative to court music. In the early days, the people gathered together to perform Boduberu, and it became widely accepted as the music of the common people. The performing of the music is often referred as “vibrating the island”. A notable point about Boduberu is its noise and sometimes meaningless lyrics sung. The lyrics do not have a meaning, because it consists of a mixture of local, neighbouring and some African words. Today, meaningful songs written in the local language Dhivehi are sung to the rhythm of Boduberu.Boduberu is usually sung after a hard day’s work. The location is up to the performers. Today, Boduberu is an important item of entertainment at stage shows, celebrations and festivals.

Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  1. Kingdom of Eden // Gateways
  2. Lunar // Gateways
  3. Stardust // Gateways
  4. Warriors Dawn // Gateways
  5. Duels of Fate // Gateways
  6. Event Horizon // Gateways
  7. The Imitation Game // Gateways