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Lead Vocalist


Mohamed Muazzin is an artist from the Maldives who has been working on the front lines of the local music scene for the past 5 years

Renowned for his energetic live performances and an incredible vocal range of 3 and a half octaves, Muazzin broke onto the scene with his band Revival and worked as a feature artist for well know established bands such as Sacred legacy and mystic wonders. It was later when he achieved top 6 in the international franchise show Maldivian Idol, that he got the nation wide recognition as a top vocalist and earned him the name Rockstar

following this success Muazzin joined Habeys, the most successful boduberu/music group in the country and formed the band Gravity with him as the lead vocalist. Since then Muazzin has performed in the biggest nation wide events and internationally as well.

Bassist, Audio Engineer


Started his live stage performances at the age of 16, Jessy has been affiliated with leading rock bands in the Maldivian music scene for a little over a decade now. Was fortunate for him to be a disciple of Ahmed Nasheed, who was from the most famous local band, Zero Degree Atoll. So far in his career, Jessy has played 25+ live stage performances including major events like ROCK STORM, BREAKOUT, BURN, SSMF, and many more. He has collaborated in 7 major release albums including Tormented Souls, Apocalypse, Damnation, Undying Heart, etc… Over the years, he was continuously pursued by bands for his talent, professionalism and showmanship. Locura, Dittorehead, Hellbrewed, Sacred Legacy and Tormenta are honorable mentions from the list of bands he served. Jessy has received awards and recognition for his career, but the one he deeply appreciates is being voted as the Fan Favourite Bassist on a social media poll. He has played international concerts in Sri lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. Currently he is rocking the stages with GRAVITY, the latest rock sensation in Maldives. Formed under the management of HABEYS, he got to team up with his old mates Shahyd, Ryhan, Hamdh, and the man dubbed as ‘RockStar’ Muazzin. This led to being employed at HABEYS Music Studio as a sound engineer and an in-house session musician.

Shahyd Legacy
Guitarist, Audio Engineer


Shahyd Legacy, or most well known as the Lead Guitarist of Sacred Legacy, made his musical entrance on to the stage late 2004 with his first band called “SYN”. But then we saw him take his music to a new level as he formed his own band the “SACRED LEGACY” in the year 2006. Also Released his 1st guitar solo album THE SACRED LEGACY in September of 2006. With his hard thrashing riffs and melodious solos Sacred Legacy became an instant hit amongst the rock music lovers. Along with Sacred Legacy Shahyd began his solo carrier as well, to become known as the “Legacy”. As his melodies demanded more attention than any small segment of a song can address, they were crying for a separate feel and a texture only a dedicated instrumental song can do justice to. Songs such as “Infinity”, “god’s legend” and “before I die” became instant hits.
In 2012 and the years that followed, Shahyd focused more on his solo career, the result was “Nostalgia” a much more melodious release differing from his usual metal sound but to much commercial acclaim.
Resuming his work with Sacred Legacy, Shahyd released the bands 3rd album ‘The Legacy Begins’, a far cry from ‘Apocalypse’ in terms of production, musicality and quality. The album was a massive success amongst international metal communities which helped the band get signed with the German record label ‘STF Records’. The band ended the year with a successful tour in Europe and Asia.
After gaining much international recognition for his guitar virtuosity, Shahyd released his 3rd solo album ‘Through the ashes’ in 2015. The album saw Shahyd return to his metal roots, with a more Technical approach to much acclaim.
In 2016, together with long time friends and music colleagues Shahyd co founded the band Gravity under Habeys Management. The band is currently the top rock/metal band in the Maldives, performing on the biggest local events and on international stages as well.
Shahyd is currently working on releasing his 4th Solo album as well as the debut album of Gravity.









Hamdh started drumming at the of 16 with some of his friends at school. The first band was called Revival and it was a very young band playing original material at that time. Revival played at various events most notably Breakout Festival 2007. However, the band had to disband as most of the band mates had to go abroad for higher studies. Hamdh then joined Sacred Legacy, one of the top bands in Maldives. At Sacred Legacy, he learnt lots of new techniques and played at a lot of events such as Breakout Festival, 2009 and 2010, Burn Show, Guitar Gig and lot of others. After 2 years at Sacred Legacy, Hamdh went to Malaysia to pursue his higher studies. In Malaysia he performed with some locals and with his Revival band mates, Muazzin and Hainum. They played at major venues such as Sunway Pyramid and shows such as Battle of the Bands amd Clash of Ensembles. After coming back to Maldives, he joined Revival again to play at Gathering as Sepheus. However after Maldivian Idol ended, Muazzin and Hamdh formed Gravity with highly respected musicians such as Shahyd Legacy, Jessy and Reehan. Gravity rebranded and went under Habeys Boduberu management and they have been performing consistently at all major shows in Maldives and also have performed in Singapore and Malaysia.

About Us


Formed in 2016 under Habeys management, Gravity is a Maldivian rock/metal band comprising of multi talented and experienced musicians, highly reputed of the current  music scene

Leading the frontline is Muazzin while on guitars are Shahyd legacy and Reeburi. On bass Jessy, on keyboards Zahil and on drums Hamdh

The lineup came together as good friends who performed with each other previously at various gigs but never together.

With major inspirations deriving from the rock and metal genre, Gravity aims to introduce a new era of Maldivian rock. With a progressive style and sound Gravity brings to the table a unique take on Maldivian art and music.

As the name implies, Gravity by Habeys is surely a force like nothing else. 

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Jaazubee Asarugadha
  1. 1. Jaazubee Asarugadha
  2. 2. Ulfathuge Gulshan (Cover)
  3. 3. Raiyvilaa (Cover)
  4. 4. Eh Raageh
  5. 5. Dhaaru Ofu (Cover)
  6. 6. Dhenneveemey (Cover)
  7. 7. Into The Light
  8. 8. Roalhin (Cover)
  9. 9. Neyngey Gotheh (Cover)
  10. 10. Ganduvaruge Dhon Kamana (LIVE)

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